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 ====== Media Relations Officer ====== ====== Media Relations Officer ======
 +The **Media Relations Officer** is a deputy position under the [[Seneschal]]. The Media Relations Officer acts as the official contact point for the media and by extension, the public. As an officer, the Media Relations Officer must be a paid member. ​
 +Much like a Seneschal, the role sometimes interfaces more with the “real world” in its administration than other offices in the SCA. It can be quiet for long periods of time, broken by a flurry of activity in short bursts requiring close attention.
 +=====Job Description=====
 +The Media Relations Officer is responsible for:
 +  * Responding to media requests in a timely manner.
 +  * Serving as a liaison between media and a local branch or event so that everyone knows what to expect. ​
 +  * Accompanying media to an event, and doing their best to make sure the SCA is well represented.  ​
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