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Marshal in Training

A Marshal in Training (abbreviated as MiT) is someone experienced in a particular martial area who has started the process of becoming a full Marshal. The process of being an MiT is intended to help train people to become full Marshals by walking them through the various responsibilities of the position while under the supervision of other experienced Marshals.

MiTs exist in many martial areas, including armoured combat, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, youth combat, and youth fencing.

At events, MiTs frequently will assist the Marshal in Charge (abbreviated as MiC) for the event in the conduct of any martial activitiess which may be held, except for running Crown Tournament. The MiT will, under supervision, conduct armour and weapon inspections relevant to that particular marshal discipline. Often the MiC will have the MiT talk their way through the inspection in order to ensure they know what they are looking for. In fencing and armoured combat (where authorizations are reqired before participating in activities at events), an MiT will often attend and participate in the authorizations of new fighters in an observational role to see what the process is.

For armoured combat, the MiT must contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal to start the process. For other martial areas, the relevant Kingdom Marshal is the point of contact.

The exact process becoming a Marshal may vary slightly between martial disciplines. In general, at each event where the MiT assists, the MiC will add their information to the paperwork issued to the MiT. Once completed, the paperwork is returned and the authorization card of the new Marshal is updated.

Under normal circumstances, MiTs cannot independently run practices. The Kingdom Marshal may allow an MiT to run practices in local groups where no other authorized Marshal is available.

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