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A Marshal is an officer entrusted with overseeing combat activities within the SCA, with particular emphasis on enforcing safety and fair play. The are marshals for all martial activities. Group marshals are responsible for the martial activities of a certain branch; marshals of the field are warranted marshals who are not group marshals.

All marshals are answerable to the Kingdom Earl Marshal, the most senior marshal in Ealdormere.

Before becoming warranted, a marshal must spend time learning how to fulfill the role under supervision from an experienced marshal. A Marshal-in-Training is frequently called an MIT.

Marshal Activities

Armored Combat

Armoured combat marshals can generally be identified by the striped staff they carry.

The main responsibility of the marshals is enforcing the Rules of the List. It is the job of a marshal to inspect fighters before a tourney or battle to insure that their armour and weapons match the standards laid out by the Marshals Handbook. Once combat has begun, the marshals are responsible for ensuring that the field is safe. They may stop the fighting if they view unsafe behavior.

In the case of a tournament, the marshals may be asked by the combatants to express an opinion on a blow that they felt was unclear.

In order for a fighter to fight at an event, he or she must be authorized. Marshals are responsible for carrying out authorizations.



Thrown Weapons


Youth Combat

Youth Fencing

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The symbol of the Armoured Combat Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Rapier Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Archery Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Thrown Weapons Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Equestrian Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Youth Combat Marshal's office.
The symbol of the Youth Rapier Combat Marshal's office.
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