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 +====== Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences ======
 +"The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for supporting study into art forms, technologies,​ and those aspects of culture relating to their use, both in period and in Society activities."​ (Corpora, Article VII.E)
 +In Ealdormere, all group Ministers of Arts and Sciences report to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.
 +In addition to collating and summarizing quarterly reports so that a report can be sent to Society, the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences runs the annual [[activities:​arts_sciences:​Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition]] as well as the [[activities:​arts_sciences:​Pentathlon competition]].
 +===== Deputies =====
 +The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences does not have any permanent deputies, but does take on deputies for specific projects as needed.
 +===== External Links =====
 +www.ealdormere.ca/​uploads/​2/​4/​1/​5/​24151324/​ashandbook4thedition.pdf ​
 +www.ealdormere.ca/​moas-report.html ​
 +http://​groups.yahoo.com/​group/​EaldormereAS ​
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