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The office of Herald is a large one, and covers a wide range of responsibilities ranging from registry of heraldry to announcing court business. As such, the Trillium Herald has a great many deputies. The group Herald of a given branch is often focused on the heraldry side of the position, while other members of The College of Heralds may step in as a voice heralds at events.

Each branch has the office of an official herald who is automatically a member of the College of Heralds. A group herald is a reporting officer, whose reports are due quarterly. As an officer, the Herald must be a paid member.

An alternate title, normally used in smaller groups such as Cantons is Pursuivant.

Job Description

  • Order of Precedence The office of Herald is responsible for the maintenance of the Order of Precedence. Wolfium is the official Order of Precedence for the Kingdom of Ealdormere, but some smaller branches keep their own Order of Precedence as well.
  • Heraldry The office of Herald is responsible for the registry of SCA heraldry. Heralds are also charged with encouraging all members to develop period-accurate heraldry and register their heraldry with the College of Heralds.
  • Crying an Event Voice Heralds loudly and clearly make announcements at events for all to hear.
  • Court Herald Every event requires at least one Voice Herald to stand in Court and act on behalf of the sitting Royalty to call people forward and make proclamations.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have different people “crying the event” and serving as “court herald” owing to the limits of the human voice.

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