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   * [[activities:​service:​offices:​Minister of the Lists]]   * [[activities:​service:​offices:​Minister of the Lists]]
   * Rapier Minister of the Lists   * Rapier Minister of the Lists
 +===== Earl Marshal in History =====
 +In Medieval England, the Earl Marshal and the Lord High Constable were the officers of the king's horses and stables. When chivalry declined in importance, the constable'​s post declined and the Earl Marshal became the head of the College of Arms, the body concerned with all matters of genealogy and heraldry. In conjunction with the Lord High Constable, he had held a court, known as the Court of Chivalry, for the administration of justice in accordance with the law of arms, which was concerned with many subjects relating to military matters, such as ransom, booty and soldiers'​ wages, and including the misuse of armorial bearings.
 +Similar positions responsible for the monarch'​s horses and stables, including connected military operations, existed outside of England.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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