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The Crown is the office that governs the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The Crown has historically consisted of a King and a Queen, although corpora allows for the reign of a two kings or two queens.


The Crown is responsible for upholding the laws of Ealdormere. It is also in the Crown's purview to amend said laws. Although the Crown has absolute authority to change Kingdom Law, given they correctly implement the paperwork involved, in practice changes are vetted through the Privy Council and Populace.

The Crown is also responsible for bestowing awards. Again, as an absolute monarchy the Crown has the right to act unilaterally but in practice the Crown relies heavily on input from members of the populace and its polling orders to decide who to recognize.


Many members of the Kingdom are in Fidelity to the Crown. At each Coronation, orders are invited to swear fidelity, as are the members of the populace. Most people have the choice of whether or not to swear fidelity with two exceptions. Knights of the Order of the Chivalry are required to swear fidelity to the Crown each reign (whereas Masters of the Order of the Chivalry are not, this is indeed the difference between the two). The Lawspeaker, in contrast, is not allowed to swear fidelity as he or she is an impartial arbitrator between the Crown and the populace.


After the coronation of a King and Queen, a Crown Prince and Princess are chosen through right of arms at Crown Tournament. The Crown Princes and Princess are then crowned King and Queen when their predecessors reign is over. In Ealdormere, Coronation is held in April and September, meaning that the summer reign is five months and the winter reign is seven months. Crown Tournament is held in May and October.

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