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A Chatelaine is an officer position in the SCA responsible for recruiting and assisting new members to the Society. As an officer, the Chatelaine must be a paid member.

In Ealdormere male Chatelaines often prefer to be called Castellan; in some Kingdoms this office is titled Hospitaller.

Job Description

The Chatelaine is responsible for:

  • Assisting new members by answering questions and connecting them to people who do activities they are interested in.
  • Organizing recruitment activities, such as scheduling and running demos.

Often a canton Chatelaine will also serve as Media Relations Officer and Gold Key for their group.

Chatelaine in History

A Châtelaine is a French term for the mistress of a castle or château, or the mistress of any large medieval household. It can also refer to a woman's ornamental chain worn around the waist, with keys, a purse, timepiece, or other household attachments - hence why the symbol of the Chatelaine's office is a key. The masculine form is châtelain, which was the keeper of a castle without a resident count.

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The symbol of the Chatelaine's office.
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