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Feastocratting, or more accurately “Cooking”, is an event position in charge of planning and preparing Feast. This person is referred to as the Feastocrat, Feast Cook, or Head Cook.

Feastocrat is, of course, a portmanteau of Feast and Autocrat.

The Feast Cook is given a budget and a number of people to feed. This is typically expressed as the number of feast seats available for sale at gate, it is then understood that in addition to that number, a servers' table and a head table must also be provided for. For example, if the cook is given a budget of $900 for 80 seats, they must cook for 100 people (80 paid seats, 12 or so servers and 8 for head table).

Job Description

The Feast Cook is responsible for:

  • Setting a menu, and submitting it to the Autocrat/Steward or Clerk Register for publishing.
  • Managing the feast budget.
  • Answering emails regarding ingredients and allergy accommodations.
  • Collecting the cooking and serving gear from the Quartermaster.
  • Cleaning and returning of said gear at the end of the event.
  • Procurement of Feast food and supplies.
  • Preparation of Feast food.

The Feast Cook is not necessarily responsible for finding of servers, nor for taking reservations.

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