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 ====== Youth Combat ====== ====== Youth Combat ======
 +**Youth Combat** is a form of martial activity that involves padded weapons (called "​Boffers"​ or "​[[activities:​martial:​boffer_combat|Boffer Weapons]]"​. The SCA’s Youth Combat program gives children from ages 6 through 17 the opportunity to participate in a kid-friendly version of adult armored and rapier combat. The program emphasizes courtesy, honor, and service as well as skill and safety.
 +Children of all genders divided into three age brackets, called Divisions:
 +  * Division 1: ages 6-9;
 +  * Division 2: ages 10-13,; and 
 +  * Division 3: ages 14-17.
 +Note that the divisions are guidelines, rather than hard and fast rules; a child may be in a higher or lower division based on their physical size and maturity, in order to ensure that fun is had.
 +Just like [[activities:​martial:​armoured_combat|Armoured Combat]], Youth Combat can be single combat or melee combat, with tournaments and even battles organized at events.
 +In addition to Youth Combat (which is analogous to Armoured combat), there is also a [[activities:​martial:​youth_rapier_combat|Youth Rapier Combat]].
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[people:​people_by_interest:​Youth_Combat|List of People Interested in Youth Combat]]   * [[people:​people_by_interest:​Youth_Combat|List of People Interested in Youth Combat]]
 +  * [[activities:​martial:​youth_rapier_combat|Youth Rapier Combat]]
- +===== External Links ===== 
-/PLEASE DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS POINT TAGS FOR AUTO-GENERATED LISTS */ +  [[https://​www.sca.org/​wp-content/uploads/​2019/​12/​YouthMartialHandbook.pdf|Youth Combat Handbook]]
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