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Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament is an event where the heirs to the Crown are determined. Each fighter entered in Crown Tourney, the Combatant, must be fighting for a Consort so that the Crown will always consist of a Sovergn and Consort.

The style of the tournament is decided by the Crown. The Crown makes the final decision on who is and is not invited to compete in Crown Tournament.


Kingdom Law

In order to enter Crown Tourney the following requirements must be met:

  • Both Combatant and Consort must be paid member of the SCA, and they must maintain that membership through the end of Their reign.
  • They must be subjects of Ealdormere.
  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • They must have been subjects of Ealdormere and have demonstrated a clear level of involvement in the Kingdom over the year prior to the Crown Tournament.
  • They must be armigerous (if this is not the case, they may submit a letter signed by 12 subjects of Eldormere who are armigerous).
  • The Combatant must be authorized to fight in Ealdormere.
  • Neither the Sovereign or Consort of Ealdormere, nor any person who has served as Sovereign or Consort of Ealdormere within three months prior to the Crown Tournament may participate.

Additional Requirements

The Crown, at their whim, may add additional requirements to enter other than those required by Kingdom law. Examples of additional requirements include, but are not limited to: a list of all events attended in the past year, descriptions of service performed for a local branch, an A&S project, documentation of a fighter's kit, and restrictions on weapons and shields such as: colors of tape, size and weight of weapons and shield, or shield materials.

Date and Location

In Ealdormere, Crown Tournament is held in mid May and mid October, after Coronation, which takes place in late April and late September.

Anyone can submit a bid to host Crown Tournament, however there is a rotation between the five Baronies and the Shires (taken as a whole) which dictates who is responsible for Crown Tourney in the event that there are no other bids. As the rotation distributes the event evenly across the Kingdom over the course of three years, in practice it is almost always followed, with people submitting bids from inside the branch on the rotation schedule.

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