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The event at which the Crown Prince and Princess are invested as the new King and Queen of Ealdormere.

Event bids are submitted long in advance, sometimes before the Heirs to be crowned are even decided. Despite this, the Crown Prince and Princess have almost complete liberty to dictate the atmosphere and events they wish to see at Coronation.

Date and Location

In Ealdormere, Coronation is traditionally held in late April and late September.

Anyone can submit a bid to host Crown Tournament, however there is a rotation between the five Baronies and the Shires (taken as a whole) which dictates who is responsible for Crown Tourney in the event that there are no other bids. As the rotation distributes the event evenly across the Kingdom over the course of three years, in practice it is almost always followed, with people submitting bids from inside the branch on the rotation schedule.

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