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Trillium Exchange

The Trillium Exchange is basically a “secret santa” swap for Ealdormerean artisans.

There are generally two exchanges per year, coordinated through the Trillium Exchange Facebook Group.

At the start of a new exchange, each participant fills out an online questionnaire about their activities, interests, and preferences, and is then assigned a recipient for whom they will craft something in the SCA art form of their choice over the next 6 months. Each participant will also be assigned to a different participant as that person's recipient.

Materials cost for the item created is capped at $25, though use of “stash” materials is exempt and does not count towards costs. The participant will receive their recipient's information shortly after sign up. There are multiple check-in points during the exchange, and a date after which dropping out is not permitted. Failure to drop out by the deadline or failure to deliver a project by the closing date of the exchange (save by pre-arrangement with the admins) will lead to being banned from future exchanges. For everyone to get a shiny, everyone must make a shiny.

You don't have to be an expert in your craft to participate. There are frequently laurels and absolute beginners participating side by side in the same exchange, along with every level of expertise in between. You can use an existing craft, or learn a new one, it's totally up to you!

Each exchange has an administrator (does the initial pairings between artisans, and ensures the overall exchange runs smoothly) and a secretary (provides artisans with initial details on their recipient, and ensures everyone checks in and delivers items by the expected dates). Both roles have a deputy, who will assist as needed during the current exchange, and run the following exchange.

For those who want to visit the original A&S Swap that is our inspiration, please visit the Noblesse Largess Facebook Group, which is an SCA-wide exchange.

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