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Pentathlon (“Pent”) is a special Division of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition which requires an Artist to enter five scored projects. This level is considered the first-class level, and it is from the Pent entrants that the A&S Champion will be chosen.

Pent is open to everyone including novices, youth and children.

Pentathlon Rules

Pentathlon Artists must be a paid member and be ready to provide proof of membership at the event.

Pentathlon Artists must attend the event.

A Pent entry must include 5 scored projects, all of which must have been completed within the previous two years and none of which have been entered into a previous Kingdom A&S Competition.

Group projects may not be part of a Pent entry.


Since all projects that are a part of a Pent entry must be scored, the Pent entrant must register all their projects 4 weeks in advance and provide the documentation 2 weeks in advance (3 weeks for Research papers).


While partially completed projects, or damaged projects, are allowed as part of a Pent entry, best results will be gained with complete and undamaged projects.

The five projects submitted as a Pent should display a depth and breadth of skill and knowledge.

The five projects that compose a Pent entry will be grouped together on one table for the ease of the Artists. Artists should bring table cloths and display aides to present their projects to best effect.

One printed copy of the documentation should be displayed with each Project.

Artisans can withdraw from the Competition at any time.

Possible Prizes

Winners of will be called up in Kingdom court to receive their prize. Projects that are part of a Pent entry are also eligible for all prizes for which they qualify.

A&S Pentathlon winner is picked by the Pentathlon Judges and Crown.

The Crown selects Their A&S Champion (on the recommendation of the Pent Judges) from the Pentathlon entrants.

“Best in Show” is picked from all scored projects based on the scores given by the judges.

The Royal family may award additional prizes if they are so moved, e.g. “Queen's Choice Prize, King's Choice Prize, etc“

Sponsored Prizes. Individuals or groups can offer prizes. These prizes come with a gift for the winner. Winners of these prizes are picked by the sponsor. Each sponsored prize category (i.e. best hat) is approved by KMoAS and will be general in nature rather than specific. For example ‘hats’ is acceptable, ‘German hats’ is too specific.


Projects submitted as part of a Pent entry must have a minimum of 3 judges drawn from the pool of past Pentathlon winners. If this is not possible, KMoAS will pick alternative judges.

All projects submitted as part of a Pent entry will be judged in the same manner as projects that are not a part of Pent entries. The judges will give number values to rate entries, which will be included for the “Best in Show” prize, however those numerical values are not a factor when deliberating the winner of the Pentathlon or the A&S Champion.

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