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Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition

The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition is an annual event that offers the Artisans of Ealdormere an opportunity to display their work and receive feedback from more experienced artisans.


  1. Child (age 0-­12) - Unscored unless requested by artist. Parent or guardian must attend all scheduled judging slots.
  2. Youth (age 13-­17) - Unscored unless requested by artist.
  3. Unscored
  4. Scored
  5. Pentathlon - A collection of five scored entries by one artist.

Kingdom A&S Competition Rules

Artists with Division 5 entries must attend the event. Division 1 through 4 can be entered in absentia.

All projects entered in the Kingdom A&S Competition, in all categories, must have been completed within the last two years. There is no time limit for starting a project.

Projects entered in the Kingdom A&S Competition may have not been entered into the Kingdom A&S Competition in the past. However, it is encouraged that projects be entered into other tournaments, or displays.


All scored entries, regardless of Division, must register for the Competition 4 weeks ahead of time and submit documentation electronically at least 2 weeks in advance.

Research paper entries must be submitted electronically at least 3 weeks in advance.

Registered performance entries, can be submitted electronically up to 2 weeks in advance.

Unscored entries may be submitted on the day of the event.


Partially completed projects, or damaged projects, can be submitted into Kingdom A&S Competition. Projects entered into the Kingdom A&S Competition under Divisions 1 through 4 may be entered by a group.

One printed copy of the documentation should be displayed with each Project. Please consult EZDoc to aid with the preparation of documentation.

Artisans can withdraw from the Competition at any time.

Possible Prizes

Winners of may be called up in Kingdom court to receive their prize.

A&S Pentathlon winner is picked by the Pentathlon Judges and Crown.

The Crown selects Their A&S Champion (on the recommendation of the Pent Judges) from the Pentathlon entrants.

“Best in Show” is picked from all scored projects based on the scores given by the judges.

The Royal family may award additional prizes if they are so moved, e.g. “Queen's Choice Prize, King's Choice Prize, etc“

Sponsored Prizes. Individuals or groups can offer prizes. These prizes come with a gift for the winner, provided by the sponsor. Winners of these prizes are picked by the sponsor. Each sponsored prize category (i.e. best hat) is approved by KMoAS and will be general in nature rather than specific. For example ‘hats’ is acceptable, ‘German hats’ is too specific.


Judging of Scored entries is conducted according to the standards laid out in the judges' handbook.

Each project will be assigned a number of judges (usually between 2 and 4 judges) and a time slot. Ideally, the Judges and Artist meet to discuss the project. Judges will often ask questions and give comments at this time. Judges will also complete a judging/scoring sheet with numeric scores and potentially additional comments. To assist Judges, documentation for their assigned projects will be sent in advance. Scoring sheets are submitted to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences within 15 minutes of the last judging time slot.

Those people who are interested in judging entries at the competition, can sign up on the Kingdom website up to 4 weeks in advance.

Scoring sheets will be provided to Artists as soon as is possible.

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