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Dirty Dozen Donation Derby

Originally started in An Tir.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each entrant creates 12 items based on a theme. Each entrant picks their own theme. Any theme – as specific or as broad as they want – from ‘things a 14th century man might have in his pockets’ to ‘things I made on Mondays’.
  • Group entries are allowed.
  • Items may go to either Kingdom or Baronial largesse. The entrant decides to which each item will go - please note for each item whether it is intended for Kingdom or Baronial largesse.
  • All submitted items must be ‘ready to go’ as largesse. It is requested that each item be tagged with the entrants name and where they are from.
  • There is no documentation requirement, but please feel free to provide it if you like.
  • Judging will be done during the event by populace bean count. The 12 items will be judged as one submission.
  • The winner of the derby selects one item from each of the other entries as their prize. So 12 entries means the winner gets 11 prizes, etc.
  • Each other entrant may then select one item from one other entry as an entrant gift. Group entries still only get one prize.
  • The remaining items will then be donated to Baronial or Kingdom largesse (as marked). Items that do not specify will go to whichever group receives fewer marked largesse items.

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