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A timeline of known primary dance sources

Time Title Author Abbr. Language Provenance cited in
c. 1455 De arte saltani Domenico da Piacenza Pd Italian PBN f.ital.972 1
1455/1465 Libro dell'arte del danzare Antonio Cornazano *V Italian PBV Capponiano 203 1
1463 De practica seu arte tripudii Guglielmo Ebreo *Pg Italian PBN f.ital.973 1
c.1471-74 De practica seu arte tripudii Giovanni Ambrosio (alias Guglielmo Ebreo) Pa Italian PBN f.ital.476 1
c.1473 Il libro di Sidrach Ven Italian Venice, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (It. II. 34 (=4906) 1
1474 Ebreo S Italian Siena, Biblioteca Comunale (L.V.29) 1
1477 Ebreo FN Italian Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale (Magliabecchiano XIX, 88) 1
1477 Ebreo M Italian Modena, Biblioteca Estense (ital. 82. a. J. 94) 1
1480 Ebreo NY Italian New York Public Library, Dance Collection (*MGZMBZ-Res. 72-254) 1
1480s (“fiorito” dances) Vit Italian Viterbo, Archivio di Stato, Notarile di Montefiascone, Protocollo 11 1
1510 Ebreo FL Italian Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Antinori 13) 1
1510 (a bassadanza and four “new” balli) FL Italian apparently an addition to FL, above 1
1517 untitled N German Niirnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum (HS 8842/GS 1589) 1
c. 1520-30 “Il Papa” NY Italian Apparently bound with NY, above 1
c.1540-60 MS “Tuscan balli” Italian? 1
1549 La Pazzia del ballo S. ZuccoloItalian 1
1555 Dialogo del Ballo R. CorsoItalian 1
1559 (a letter with a description of “la caccia” Italian? 1
1560 Ballo della Gagliarda L. CompassoItalian 1
c. 1570 title? Eliner Gunter and/or Edward Gunter RP English Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. Poet. 108, ff. 10r-11r 2
c. 1575-1625 title? found in papers of J. Stowe HA English London, British Library, Harley 367, ff. 178-179 2
1581 Il Ballarino F. CarosoItalian 1
1587 (gagliard variations) P. LutijItalian 1
1589 (re-edition of gagliard variations) P. LutijItalian 1
c. 1594 The olde Measures John Willoughby SRO English Somerset Records Office, DD/WO 55/7, item 36 2
1600 Nobilità di Dame F. CarosoItalian 1
1600 Libro di mutanze of gagliarda, passo e mezzo, canario, etc. L. LupiItalian 1
1602 Le Gratie d'amore C. NegriItalian 1
1604 re-edition of Le Gratie d'amore under new title Nuove inventioni di balli C. NegriItalian 1
1605 re-edition of Nobilità di Dame F. CarosoItalian 1
c. 1607 Practise for Dauncinge John Ramsey DO English Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce 280, ff. 66av-66bv 2
1607 new edition of Libro di mutanze (1600), this time with step descriptions L. LupiItalian 1
c.1615-20 Modo di ballare(MS) L. JacobilliItalian 1
1620 Discorso sobra il ballo F. degli AlessandriItalian 1
c. 1620 Del Origine et Nobilità del Ballo (MS) G. ManciniItalian 1
c.1628-37 Il Corago (a treatise on the theatre) anonymousItalian 1
1630 re-edition of Nobilità di Dame with new title Raccolta di varij balli F. CarosoItalian 1
c. 1630 copye of the oulde measures Elias Ashmole RD English Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawl. D. 864, ff. 199r-199v 2
1633-5 Trattato della musica scenica G. B. DoniItalian1
ca. 1640-1675 The Measures as they are Danced in the Inner Temple Hall Butler Buggins IT English London, Inner Temple Records, `Revels, Foundlings, and Unclassified, Miscellanea, Undated, &c.' vol. XXVII, folios 3r-6v 2
after 1640 The Old Measures of the Inner Temple London as they were first begun and taught by Robert Holeman a Dancing-Master before 1640 and continu'd ever since in the Inner Temple Hall Butler Buggins? RCM I, RCM II English London, Royal College of Music, Ms. 1119, ff. 1r, 1v, and 2v I and 2r II 2
1728 Il Ballo Nobile G. B. Dufortnot sure 1

Citations are from:

  1. Barbara Sparti, “Breaking down Barriers in the Study of Renaissance and Baroque Dance”
  2. Greg|Lindahl?, “Dances from the Inns of Court”, http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/dance/ioc/intro.html


  • PBN: Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale
  • RBV: Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Note that texts are generally known by their current location, not their origin. So the “Siena Mannuscript” is the Ebreo manuscript located in the library of Siena, rather than a source originally from Siena.

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Online Primary Sources

Online Secondary Sources

These links are for secondary sources, reconstructions and research papers. They include some level of scholarly attention to detail and feasibility

Cheat Sheets and Other Tertiary Sources

These are links to informal cheat sheets and step reminders, not dance reconstructions. They are meant primarily for people who are familiar with the repertoire and wish to refresh their memory of dances they know already. They include numerous assumptions and are often based on interpretations which are far removed from the original sources and primary research.

Articles on Dance

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