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Core Repertoire of Dances

“His Majesty would wish that space be provided for dancing and merriment to take place…. Some simple dances for all to participate and join into would be highly enjoyed.” –Roak V, Welcome Message

Thinking in the same vein, and obedient to the Royal request, many of the prominent dancemasters of Ealdormere have crafted the following list of dances suggested for new and returning dancers to begin with. The selected pieces represent various periods, places, and levels of aerobic activity, and are meant to balance simplicity with variety and challenge.

At any given event, other dances can and will be taught, called or performed as well. However, a lady or gentleman who knows a good number of dances from the following list is likely to know at least a few pieces at any dancing occasion. A number of these documents are in “Portable Document Format” (PDF files). See the general resource links below for a fast, free tool to open these.

Ealdormere Dance Community Projects

  • Dance Musician Livery – First sashes, then hats
  • Fundraising for the Ealdormere Loud Banned instruments
  • Make quality instructional dance videos

Dance Sources and Timeline

The list of extant Renaissance Dance Sources and Timeline has its own page


"Demo" Videos

"How To" Videos

These are videos recorded for instructional purposes.

General Resource Web Sites

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