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A&S 50

The A&S 50 Challenge involves doing 50 things in the Arts and Sciences between May 1st AS 42/2007 and May 1st AS 50/2015, in honor of the SCA's 50th Birthday . The Challenge is a chance to develop skills and learn more about what interests you in a non-competitive, community-based environment. YOU decide what you want to do over the eight year span, and get encouragement from the Challenge Community along the way. There are three types of Challenges, outlined below. You can do one or several, alone or in groups - it is all up to you!

The Three Kinds of Challenges:

  • The Depth Challenge - 50 of any one type of thing, in order to push your skills and knowledge to new levels (how broadly you define this is up to you)
  • The Breadth Challenge - do/make/learn 50 new and different things (how new, and how different is up to you/your group), or,
  • The Persona Challenge - making/learning 50 different things that your persona would know, have, or know how to do

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